Pros of Native Applications

A native application, also known as a native app, is an application program which is developed for use on a specific platform or device.
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Pros of Native Applications

With native apps being written for a particular platform, they can interact with and leverage the operating system features, along with other software that is routinely installed on that platform. Along with that benefit; because a native app is built for a specific device and its operating system, it also has the ability to use device-specific software and hardware; the significance being that native apps can gain access to the latest technology available on mobile devices such as a global positioning system (GPS) and cellular electronic payments. This can arguably serve as an advantage for native apps over mobile cloud apps or web apps.

The term “native app” is often mentioned in the context of mobile computing because mobile applications have traditionally been written to work on a specific device platform. A native app is installed directly on a mobile device and developers create a separate app version for each mobile device. The native app may be stored on the mobile device out of the box, or it can be downloaded from a public or private app store and installed on the mobile device. Data associated with the native app is also stored on the device, although data can be stored remotely and accessed by the native app. Depending on the nature of the native app, Internet connectivity may not be required.

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