Community Focus on Improvement

Las Vegas Think Tank is comprised of community professionals on a mission to spark awareness and promote an educational future for our youth

Community Focus on Improvement

Compiled of local agency executives and corporate partners, Las Vegas Think Tank members work together throughout the valley to strengthen the available resources offered in our neighborhoods. From farmer’s markets to local artists displays, Las Vegas Think tank creates opportunities and provides beneficial events for the residents of Clark County and surrounding areas.

Clark County’s population is approaching 2 million residents, with nearly a quarter of the community being age 17 or younger. Clark County School District’s graduation rates’ average is around 71%. The three largest ethnic groups attending our schools are whites, hispanics, and blacks, in descending numerical order. As for graduation percentages within these races; 77% of enrolled white students on average graduate, 64% of hispanics and 57% of blacks. LAs Vegas Think Tank members believe the best way to make change is from within; which is why they work together to support their community.

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