Breaking Down SEO

Not very familiar with SEO? No problem. Here are some SEO basics to know

Breaking Down SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process used to improve search engine rankings. The better your search engine rankings are, the higher your website will appear in the list of possible resources to help consumers find what they are searching for. SEO is used to increase traffic to your website through free, organic sources. Other terms for this type of traffic are ‘earned,’ ‘natural’ or ‘editorial’ search results.

Sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing, display links to pages they consider most relevant and authoritative to the consumer conducting the search. Authority is mainly measured through the configuration of determining the total number of quality links on other web pages; that tie to your webpage through association. Each of the major search engines have their own formula for determining which listings are most relevant in any given search. The frequency and relevance of the keywords used on your website absolutely matter in search engine rankings.

There are a few vital aspects used in determining effective use of SEO on websites: content, backlinks, site images, and the domain name. Another important consideration in determining whether or not your website is SEO-friendly, is making sure the site is approachable. If a hopeful consumer visits your page and cannot understand it, all of your efforts are lost.

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